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SyncPark's breakthrough performance is propelled by our anchor partnership with MagneMotion, a global leader in LSM technology. MagneMotion supplies custom transportation solutions for people and goods. Clients include the US Navy, Siemens, Arup Laboratories, Knapp and KUKA. All of SyncPark's products are subject to MagneMotion's Component Manufacturing Warranty. Below is the latest example of automotive applications of this curtting edge LSM technology:

Linear Synchronous Motor Technology - Advancing the Transport of Goods and People

MagneMotion’s core Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) technology is scalable and adaptable to a wide range of applications, from small transport and positioning systems to large people movers. Unlike short stroke linear motors, LSMs generate propulsive force by running current through a stator creating an electro-magnetic field that interacts with a set of permanent magnets on a vehicle to create thrust. The permanent magnets serve as the motor secondary, equivalent to a rotor in conventional motors, enabling linear motion. The magnet array and vehicle is propelled by the moving electro-magnetic field, traveling along as electric current is applied to the stator beneath the vehicle. The vehicle’s movement is regulated by a sophisticated control system incorporating state-of-the-art position sensing technology.