We have a true passion for urban innovation.


The idea for SyncPark came from  a classic real estate developer's riddle: In order to meet local zoning requirements, how do you add an additional floor's worth of parking spaces into a project without increasing a) project costs or b) time spent parking for the customer ?

Founder Andrew Hayes soon realized that the answer could unlock real estate projects everywhere. The solution lay in thinking inside the box, or, more concretely, adding space capacity to the existing box in order to contain costs and maintain compliance with zoning. For the next five years Andrew set out to redefine the performance and role of parking into a logistics hub where every cubic foot is usable space. 

The  search for solutions  to the riddle started with with the existing automated parking technology.  The incumbent systems were space and energy inefficient, expensive and slow. Further, the mechanical nature of these systems created significant uptime issues, which had given the product a spotty image with customers.  Researching for a new solution for energy-efficient motors with ultra-high level of uptime led Andrew to the performance,  cost, and spatial advantages of linear synchronous motors (LSMs), which are used in everything from maglev to airport people-movers and can be customized to fit inside any existing and new spaces. At that moment we set out to build the ultimate parking machine with LSMs as the driving performance force and SyncPark was born

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As cities continue to thrive, space, energy and time become critical community resources. A seemingly mundane task such as parking becomes a catalyst for growth in urban communities. At SyncPark we believe that if we can shrink the world's parking space we can expand our shared spaces, save energy and enjoy less wasted time. SyncPark is changing the way the world thinks about parking. If you are as passionate as we are about changing the built world and would like to join our team please send us a note below.