How can I get a SyncPark installed?

Fill out our Project Quote Form and our dedicated SyncPark team will respond within a within 12 hours.

What kind of parking assignments can SyncPark tackle?

SyncPark can tackle all parking jobs no matter the shape, size, or construction vintage. This includes airports, municipal garages, event parking, regional malls and residential buildings. Basically anywhere you would like to maximize your parking capacity and minimize your parking footprint with the fastest retrieval times in the industry. We can install a SyncPark anywhere in the world.

How long will my SyncPark design and installation take?

Our first deliveries are scheduled for 2019. After that we can deliver garages in a matter of months. Very large or unusual designs may take longer.

Is SyncPark tax-efficient?

SyncPark equipment benefits from accelerated depreciation schedule vs. traditional garages which will be treated as real property property with extended depreciation schedules.

What happens if SyncPark does not perform to the design specs?

Your SyncPark is covered by Magnemotion's Component Manufacture Warranty, the same level of performance demanded by the US Navy for its weapons equipment.

Who will perform the maintenance on my SyncPark?

Your SyncPark maintenance needs are monitored via centralized computer monitoring system. Should a maintenance need arise, a staff of qualified regional maintenance personnel will perform all repair and maintenance tasks. Additionally, SyncPark can train your technical personnel for additional levels of performance support.

Can my cars get stuck inside the garage with no way out?

We founded SyncPark precisely to address the issues that have plagued the automated parking from the outset and designed a solution from using only the best technology in the world. Our car pallets have only one moving part: ultra durable wheels. The propulsion is driven by electromagnetic motors with an uptime ratio of 99.9999% and our backup generators provide additional level of redundancy.