The most innovative parking solution today.


SyncPark can handle dozens of simultaneous parking requests in seconds not minutes.


SyncPark eliminates the high costs, low throughput and paralyzing downtime in today's automated parking systems.

We deliver a breakthrough alternative to property owners, municipalities, developers, and parking customers globally by providing the only high-speed + high-volume automated parking solution in the market capable of more than doubling parking density at a starting cost that beats other parking systems (yes, including ramp parking).

SyncPark was born by adapting proprietary technology currently used by the US Navy to handle military equipment with millimetric precision at emergency speeds—and no room for downtime. 


Highest Throughput

No other automated system can handle the intense demands of event parking, airline or train/bus schedules (arrivals). Longer distances or greater heights actually reinforce LSMs speed and reliability advantages over the mechanical motors used by the competition. 

Space Saver

SyncPark is not limited to two or three rows off a central aisle. In fact, SyncPark does not need a central aisle, period. This means we can store at least 25% more cars than the typical automated garage and 250% more than most conventional parking structures.           

Cost Saver

Quick and easy construction reduces capital costs. No need for ventilation, lighting or garage ramps (added security systems) which further reduce operational costs.

Customized to Your Needs

The SyncPark Lattice adapts to all existing structures, surfaces and configurations. Drop-off and pick-up do not have to be adjacent to the parking itself. Multiple entries and exits can be provided around the garage or the entire project footprint to optimize all customer car entry and departure times.

Proven Tech & Manufacturing

The independent movement of each car pallet is powered by Linear Synchronous Motors (LSMs) exclusively licensed to us and manufactured by our partner MagneMotion, a division of Rockwell Automation (NYSE: ROK)


Friction-free propulsion means reduced wear and tear, less noise and greater overall efficiency. Tests performed on our LSMs  have shown a uptime ratio of 99.9999% with per car storage and retrieval time of under one minute in each direction within a 680 car garage.

     No Downtime

Unlike traditional automated parking machinery that can break down and completely block car retrieval, SyncPark can continue operating in the unlikely event that an LSM malfunctions. Pallets have enough momentum to continue motion over a faulty LSM.

Green Tech Innovation

LSM propulsion means unparalleled energy efficiency. The SyncPark Lattice means reduced carbon footprint compared to conventional concrete construction.

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